Street children in Mongolia

Street children in Ulaanbaatar Tsog-Erdene (13 Years)

Potrait of Tsog-Erdene Tsog-Erdene was two years in a Shelter

Tsog-Erdene was born in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator). When he was 5 years old his parents died and he came with his 4 younger's brothers and sisters to live in a government children's home. Tsog-Erdene told us that this children's home had always too little food for the children. After 2 years there were two weeks when they had nearly nothing to eat. He ran away. On the street Tsog-Erdene has found lot of friends, Ganbaatar and Ankhbayar are two of them. For him, Suhbat, who lives in the street too and looks after the boys, is an older brother.

Tsog-Erdene spends the nights with Ganbaatar, Ankhbayar and Suhbat in the entrance to a dwelling. A heater, which is in every staircase for the hard wintertime, helps the children through the winter. Tsog-Erdene began in the street to smoke, but he drinks no alcohol.

Last year Tsog-Erdene was in a World Vision project, and stayed there for 3 month. But he returned back to the street, because he wasn't happy there. There were too many rules.

One day he wants to be a policeman.

Painted picture from Tsog-Erdene. Policeman regulate the traffic.
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