Street children in Mongolia

Street children in Ulaanbaatar Suhbat (26 Years)

Potrait of Suhbat Since eleven years Suhbat lives in the street.

Since eleven years Suhbat lives in the street in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator). His parents live 500 km west of Ulaanbaatar in a yurt on the countryside. 2 years ago his mother left his father, and came to Ulaanbaatar. At times Suhbat visited her. His mother invited him to stay by her, but Suhbat wouldn't stay. He thought that would not work out. Why Suhbat ran away from home 11 years ago, and if his father is the main reason, he didn't like to say.

To get money, food and clothes, Suhbat begs or sings in front of supermarkets. Sometimes he get an occasional job. He began to smoke in the street and sometimes he drinks vodka. Overnight Suhbat stays together with Tsog-Erdene, Ankhbayar and Ganbaatar in the entrance of a dwelling. Because of the heater, they are able to come through the hard winter, but the nights are still very cold.

Suhbat would like to work for a company, which buys and recycles glass and plastic from waste pickers.

Painted picture from Suhbat. You can see the word Mongolia in mongolian letters.
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