Street children in Mongolia

Street children in Ulaanbaatar Ankhbayar (13 Years)

Potrait of Ankhbayar With 10 years Ankhbayar run away from home.

Ankhbayar has lived in the street in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) for 3 years. He came by a train from Sukhbaatar, ca. 250 km north of the city, near the russian border. His parents live in a yurt there, together with his 5 brothers and sisters. Because of a hard winter his family lost all their animals, they get a disability pension and children's allowance now from the government, but these small incomes are too little and the family struggles to survive. His mother started to drink. Time after time Ankhbayar's mother would beat him. As the numbers of beatings became ever more frequent, and his father didn't care for him, Ankhbayar run away from home.

In Ulaanbaatar he started to smoke and he became friends with Tsog-Erdene, Ganbaatar and Suhbat. To pull through, Ankhbayar sings in front of supermarkets and in the street, or he asks the tourists for money in the summertime. In Wintertime Ankhbayar goes to the Organisation Christine Noble Children's Foundation, there he gets some clothes and food.

In the street Ankhbayar is frightened that other children or pickpockets will beat him.

Painted picture from Ankhbayar. You see some sheep, a yurt and a doctor.
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